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How to Record Skype Audio Calls on Windows

Hello everybody!

In the previous post we saw how to record streaming audio or record podcast.  Today let’s see how to record Skype audio calls in Windows 7 or later versions.  Using this method you can not only record audio calls from Skype but also you can record all the sounds from your PC, microphone or both at the same time. The sound thus recorded can be saved in your PC in mp3 or wav formats, which you will able to play later.  This is very useful for training purposes.  Most of the time when we have a client call and training a junior, we can record the calls and train the junior further about how to improve their client coordination skills.

How to Record Streaming Audio - Streaming Audio Recorder

Today, we will see how to record streaming audio on Windows. The recorded audio can then be saved in .mp3 or .wav formats and played in any kind of device, including your PC, tablets and mobile phones. We will be using the software RexNDox Apps Sound Recorder with Player.
So, let’s get started.